François Maréchal

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Responsability and research domain


Implementation of personalized medicine in a context of moral hazard and uncertainty about treatment efficacy (2021), International Journal of Health Economics and Management, Vol. 21(1), pp. 81-97.
Author(s) : Alcenat Stéphane, Maréchal François, Naegelen Florence

The impact of medical complications on optimal hospital payment (2021), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 1–30.
Author(s) : Maréchal François, Thomas Lionel

The Impact of a Right of First Refusal Clause in a First-Price Auction with Heterogeneous Risk-Averse Bidders (2020), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol. 176(3), pp. 526-548.
Author(s) : Brisset Karine, Cochard François, Maréchal François

The optimal contract under adverse selection in a moral-hazard model with a risk-averse agent (2018), Games, 9, 1-22
Author(s) : Maréchal François, Thomas Lionel

Are social and environmental clauses a tool for favoritism? Analysis of French public procurement contracts (Coming soon), European Journal of Political Economy
Author(s) : Maréchal François, Morand Pierre-Henri