Julie Beugnot

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Responsability and research domain


Binding Minimum Wage as an Equilibrium Selection Device (2013), Macroeconomic Dynamics, vol. 17(7), pp 1411-1437
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie

Multiple Equilibria Model with Intrafirm Bargaining and Matching Frictions (2010), Labour Economics, vol. 17(5), pp 810-822
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie, Tidball Mabel

Coordination Failure Caused by Sunspots (2012), Economics Bulletin, vol. 32(4), pp 2860-2869
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie, Ross Michaël W., Ovlisen Frank R., Gürgüç Zeynep

Does promoting homeownership rate always damage labor market performances? (2019), Journal of Economics, July 2019, Volume 127, Issue 2, pp 161–183
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie, Lacroix Guy, Charlot Olivier

Gender and Peer Effects on Performance in Social Networks (2019), European Economic Review 113, 207-224
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie, Villeval Marie-Claire, Guy Lacroix, Fortin Bernard

Gender Bias in Job Referrals: An Experimental Test (2020), Journal of Economic Psychology, Vol.76
Author(s) : Beugnot Julie, Peterle Emmanuel