CRESE (Centre de REcherche sur les Stratégies Economiques) is a French research center created in 1985 and attached to the faculty of Law, Economics, Politics and Management at the University of Franche-Comté

CRESE is a member of the DGEP doctoral school, the TRANSBIO Graduate School of UBFC, the MSHE Ledoux, the ZAAJ, the FR Educ at the regional level, and the GDRE Monnaie, Banque et Finance and the GDR jeux at the national level.

CRESE covers a wide range of activities related to theoretical and applied research in economics. CRESE has its own experimental laboratory since 2017. Every Thursday, approximately, a research seminar is held in CRESE and 3-4 conferences for a general audience are organized every year in partnership with the faculty of Law, Economics, Politics and Management.

The scientific activity is divided into three research areas:

In addition, two themes are transversal to these three areas:

  • Environmental challenges of economic issues

  • Evaluation of public policies

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