Scientific productionPublications

Understanding fuel switching under the EU ETS (2012)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent

International Journal of Global Energy Issues (4 CNRS), 2012, Volume 35, Issue 6, p 494-517.

Switching to biomass co-firing in European coal power plants: Estimating the biomass and CO2 breakeven prices (2013)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent

Economics Bulletin (3 CNRS), 2013, Volume 33, Issue 2, p 1535-1546.

Biomass for Electricity in the EU-27: Potential Demand, CO2 Abatements and Breakeven Prices for Co-firing (2014)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent, Dequiedt Benjamin, Le Cadre Elodie

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Carbon and energy prices under uncertainty: A theoretical analysis of fuel switching with heterogenous power plants (2014)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent

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Modeling of Emission Allowance Markets: A Literature Review for dynamic partial equilibrium models with perfect competition (2015)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent

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Comparing biomass-based and conventional heating systems with costly CO2 emissions: Cost estimations and CO2 breakeven prices for large scale district heating schemes (2017)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent, Carpenè Lilian, Ollivier Timothée

International Journal of Global Energy Issues (4 CNRS), 2017, Volume 40 (1/2), p 20-42.

Heat or power: How to increase the use of energy wood at the lowest costs? (2018)

Author(s) : BERTRAND Vincent, Caurla Sylvain, Delacote Philippe, Le Cadre Elodie

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La transparence : outil de conciliation de la finance et du management ? (2009)

Author(s) : Refait-Alexandre Catherine

Revue Française de Gestion, Vol. 35, n°198-199, p. 59-75