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Harsanyi power solutions for cooperative games on voting structures

Encarnación Algaba, Sylvain Béal, Eric Rémila and Phillippe Solal (2018)

Games With Identical Shapley Values

Sylvain Béal, Mihai Maneo, Eric Rémila and Phillippe Solal (2018)

Are individuals more generous in loss contexts?

François Cochard, Alexandre Flage, Grolleau Gilles and Sutan Angela (2018)

Expertise économique et droit français de la concurrence

Marc Deschamps and Bruno Jeandidier (2018)

Heat or power: how to increase the use of energy wood at the lowest costs?

Vincent Bertrand, Sylvain Caurla, Elodie Le Cadre and Philippe Delacote (2017)

Axiomatic and bargaining foundations of an allocation rule for ordered tree TU-games

Sylvain Béal, Sylvain Ferrières, Eric Rémila and Phillippe Solal (2017)