Research center onEconomics strategy

CRESE, EA 3190, has about twenty permanent members and about ten PhD students. CRESE's research is both theoretical and applied and is organized around the following three themes:

Money, banking and finance:

This theme studies monetary and financial macroeconomics as the impact of monetary policies on financial markets and on financial stability. It also studies banking, corporate governance, corporate finance, green finance (carbon, energy) and microcredit institutions.

Contracts, markets and regulations:

This theme examines environmental regulation and health systems, auction mechanisms, contract theory and market performance.

Games, decisions and evaluations:

This theme examines collective and individual decisions, notably discrimination and addiction, and the evaluation of public policies (the economics of law, the European economy and environmental responsibility).

CRESE is a member of the Doctoral School of Law, Management, Economics and Politics (DGEP) of the Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté. Website: