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Vers un marché international du carbone pour l’Accord de Paris ? Que retenir de la COP 26 ? (2021)

Auteur(s) : BERTRAND Vincent, Marianne MOLINER-DUBOST

Énergie - Environnement - Infrastructures, LexisNexis, février 2022, n°2.

The priority value for cooperative games with a priority structure (2022)

Auteur(s) : Béal Sylvain

International Journal of Game Theory

Cohesive efficiency in TU-games: axiomatizations of variants of the Shapley value, egalitarian values and their convex combinations (2021)

Auteur(s) : Béal Sylvain, Casajus André, Rémila Eric, Solal Philippe

Annals of Operations Research 302:23–47.

Taxing congestion of the space commons (2020)

Auteur(s) : Béal Sylvain, Deschamps Marc, Moulin Hervé

Acta Astronautica 177:313–319.

Necessary versus equal players in axiomatic studies (2020)

Auteur(s) : Béal Sylvain, Navarro Florian

Operations Research Letters 48:385–391.

Relationship between labeled network games and other cooperative games arising from attributes situations (2019)

Auteur(s) : Algaba Encarnacion, Béal Sylvain, Fragnelli Vito, Llorca Natividad, Sánchez-Soriano Joaquin

Economics Letters 185:108708.

Harsanyi power solutions for cooperative games on voting structures (2019)

Auteur(s) : Algaba Encarnacion, Béal Sylvain, Rémila Eric, Solal Philippe

International Journal of General Systems 48:575–602.